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over 25 years leadwork experience

Prized for its resilience and durability, lead is found on historic buildings around the world and is still used to this day. It's easy to recycle, which helps to reduce carbon emissions making it one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available today. Whether you need to fix flashings, take care of cladding or repair your roof, Robin Godden Lead Ltd are the company to call. We’ve been working with lead for over 25 years and have successfully completed work on homes and heritage properties across Colchester and the surrounding areas.

Leadwork repairs

Lead is a unique material in that it can continually be reworked without compromising its effectiveness. One of the trickiest parts is trying to find a tradesman that can actually do it. At Robin Godden we deal with all aspects of leadwork, including roofing repairs. All our work comes with a 25 year guarantee as standard.

Although it may seem more expensive than other materials, bear in mind that leadwork will last longer than other types of roofing. It will never rot, rust or let in water, which means you'll save in the long term by not having to repair or replace it, which is why homes and businesses are choosing lead for their roofs, gutter and flashings. Visit our gallery for some examples of our work or get in touch for more information.

Is lead safe?

We often get asked about the health issues surrounding lead. At Robin Godden, we take safety very seriously and put a number of measures in place to ensure everyone is properly protected.


We use Personal Protective Equipment to avoid any direct contact with the skin.

Extraction systems

These get rid of any dust or fumes which could potentially be inhaled.

Site management

We ensure we have access to washing facilities and do not eat near any work areas.

As the main danger is ingestion, lead is safe to use in restoration work. It poses no more of a risk than other traditional materials such as heated asphalt or EDM roofing. We invest a lot in our staff and ensure everyone knows what we and our clients expect of them.

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